Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reinforcing the Need for High Standards and Accountability

Attendees to Monday's National Education Summit were interviewed for their thoughts on key principles of the Summit. Individual interviews of these attendees and others will be available for viewing on the Aspen Institute website.

Michael Wotorson, Executive Director, Campaign for High School Equity
The Civil Rights community is on strengthening rigor and setting high national standards. Communities of colors stood up against reauthorization no children left behind without accountability. Data is become more and more robust- now we can see what is happening to students of color. From a civil rights perspective, it embodies what the civil rights movement is all about. We are in favor of the NCLB reauthorization and in favor of accountability, transparency and high expectations for all students.

Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education & former-Governor, West Virginia
Accountability is incredibly important. Accountability on graduation rates is a part of that. Currently, the Federal government allows five different ways to measure graduation – we have no way to compare. It is not that the U.S. is educating worse than we have before, but rather that the rest of the world is accelerating its advancement.”

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